Why less is more

With a busy schedule or limited time available for our training, or physical activies, there are some alternatives you can consider to compensate time, mood or weather issues. Best thing to keep track of your progresses, write it down! If you want to stick to your plan, make sure you have one to follow. Here is n example of a grid « Weekly-Fitness-Tracker » that you can use to fill or keep track of your daily distance (or time/duration) that your run or walk. I am old school, I write down everything in a note book, but you surely can use the electronic version or create your own.

Following points are what works for me during school year, when schedule may get crazy or sounds impossible to manage… Please, don’t hesitate to share yours with us!

  • I don’t skip what is on my schedule, I just wake up earlier (45 minutes to an hour). Thank God I am a morning person 🙂
  • I run less but with an higher intensity than what was planned;
  • I split my distance in two parts: first half in the morning, second half later in the afternoon. Which could be a good thing to try once a month for long runs, since you force your body to recover faster with shorter period of recovery between effort. Change will do you good (change of schedule, change of scenery/routes, change of music, change of intensity, even new running gear!);
  • If I don’t feel like running (yes, it happens!), I try to do a cardio training I did not do for a while or do at least few push up repetitions and/or ab routine. If you have access to a pool or a lake, swimming for at least 20 minutes if a great cardio workout, using your shoulders and core muscles. It gives your legs a rest too! Try also to run in the water; you run without the impact on your joints and water creates a great resistance.

RW fartlek intervals tempRead Runner’s World article about « when training less means more ».

Also, when you’re comfortable with a training schedule, try to have a specific goal each time you go for a run or a walk. Could be for just loosen up, to add a bit of speed work or to developp endurance (longer distance). Here are 3 different types of running you can try weekly: fartlek, intervals and tempo runs.


I found speed work the hardest part of my training… but those days are shorter distances! Youpi! Just make sure you have good music with rhythm to support your efforts! Here is a suggestion 🙂 Keep up the good work and have fun!

Allez! Allez! Vous faites du bon travail, lâchez pas!


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