Trail running or exploring new paths

Bonjour tout le monde!

J’espère que vous profitez tous de la saison estival et que  la course à pied, entre autres, vous permet d’en profiter davantage! C’est fantastique, pour la plupart, nous en sommes à 4 semaines d’entrainement complétées! Déjà! Oui, oui, vous vous souvenez pourquoi on se donne tant d’effort? Nous avons une course à faire en septembre…. 🙂

I hope you are all having a great time this summer and that running, among plenty other things and activities, makes your summer even more pleasant! How great! Most of us already have completed 4 full weeks of training! Yes, remember? We have a race to run in September… 🙂

While at the cottage, on camping or if you spend some time on the country side, you might be tempted to get off the roads to run. You spend most of your time in the city? No problem: make sure once a week, your run on grass or gravel along the road, instead of always running on sidewalks. Running of the path has many benefits, such as:

  • Reducing the impact of running on your joints, therefore reducing risk of injury;
  • Improving your stability;
  • Working your core muscles;
  • Enjoying new scenery and an unpredictable path.

8-Benefits-of-Trail-RunningI don’t know parks in Mississauga or Burlington, but in Oakville, here are a few places you can visit and explore by running (or even cycling):

  • Joshua Creek trail (Lakeshore and Ford Dr), short (2km) and a few hills;
  • Coronation Park (Laksehore and 3rd Line), short (1.5 km) and flat path;
  • Bronte Provincial Park (Burloak Dr., north of the QEW). I never tried it, anyone have a comment about this park? It looks big enough to give many options and a full route to run there.
  • Heritage Trail (Westoak Trails blvd and Upper Middle), very hilly, full loop approx 3km, but can be longer if you take different directions.
  • Crosstown Trail (Neyagawa and River Oaks blvd W or 6th Line and Munn’s Ave), short (less than 2km) and flat;
  • Nipegon Trail – close the East end of Crosstown Trail (River Glen blvd and Sixth Line, to Upper Middle), short (less than 1.5 km) and flat;
  • Trail around Sheridan College (you can take it from Upper Middle and 6th Line, from 6th Line close the Munns’ School, or McCraney E st), less than 3km with a few hills.

Don’t hesitate to explore a new trail. Just make sure you look at the map first to know what to expect, and have extra time on your hand, just in case you have to run around to find your way 😉 . Trail running or not, you might want to check out those strenght exercises and read more about advantages of trail running:

Next article will suggest other strenght exercises for your legs and glutes to support your running. Unfortunately, it seems that running is not enough…. Running is simple, but no one said it was easy!

À bientôt et donnez-nous de vos nouvelles! Talk to you soon and let us know how you are doing!



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