The « gluteal amnesia » effect

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Runkeeper blog

In my last race « goodie bag », I’ve received a copy of the Canadian Impact Magazine, which had a lot of very interesting articles. One of them, « Put your butt back to work » reminded me why my harmstrings sometimes feel tight… It doesn’t mean that you run on a regular basis that your glutes are strong. This is due especially to our sedentary life style. In deed, sitting so much can inhibit or weaken big muscles such as the gluteus maximus, which can forget how to work (Taylor, L., Plesuk, T., 2016, p.60). Even for those of us who are teachers, who don’t get the chance to sit much during day time, you might want to know the kind of injuries unavailable gluteals can lead you to.

This article of the July/August Edition (p.80), explains how you can « reverse the effect of gluteal amnesia » and avoid some of those injuries. Don’t hesitate to explore the other articles, if you have the time. You’ll find recipes, workouts and how you can « Nail the trail » (p.28).


Of course, I always recommand to vary sources of information, so here are related articles to glute strengthening workout:

Please feel free to give me your feedback or share relevant articles, or any other sources of information, that could benefit us all. Enjoy your training and the great outdoors!

Bon entrainement et amusez-vous!


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